Inventing The Future (working title)


There is no permanent scientific age of enlightenment.
Always there is flux, change, and the prospects for still better things
and still greater improvements.
Hugo Gernsback


is a documentary about Hugo Gernsback,
the man who saw the Future
and taught us how to live
in the Age of Science.

Through most of human history, people didn’t witness much change within their lifetimes. Only in the past two centuries has progress become so rapid that each generation is living through radical changes and the ethical challenges they entail. How can we avoid being overwhelmed by the exponential rate of technological progress? To answer that question, we look back over 100 years ago, to an eccentric inventor called Hugo Gernsback.

Inventing The Future (working title) aims to shed a fresh light on a man who has been partly forgotten and often misunderstood – a fascinating mind who, by bridging cultures and time, opened up a window towards the future by spreading a simple message which resonates again today:

Instead of letting the future happen to us,
science literacy enables us to build it ourselves.


I have been developing the project over the past three years and will direct it with the help of production company Samsa Film and Oscar-nominated animation company Studio352.

Film Fund Luxembourg have given the green light for the project, a part-animated feature documentary about how Luxembourg-born inventor, editor, author and futurologist Hugo Gernsback drove the birth and early development of a pop-culture phenomenon called Science Fiction.


Watch this space for more developments, and follow Hugo on Twitter.


Development stage graphics by BOB Studio.