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Silent Signal granted a Wellcome Trust Large Arts Award

Animate Projects is delighted to announce that the Wellcome Trust has awarded a Large Arts Award for Silent Signal, an ambitious project exploring genetics, immunology and epidemiology. Silent Signal has the privilege of being one of only two projects to receive the coveted grant this year. Silent Signal brings together six artist and scientist partnerships to create animated works for exhibition online and in the gallery, with associated events and educational resources to share learning. Animate is working with virologist Bentley Crudgington as the chief scientific advisor to the project and is working with a range of partner organisations, including QUAD in Derby, Vivid Projects in Birmingham, Imperial College London, Bradford Animation Festival, and Central Saint Martin’s MA Art and Science programme. The six partnerships are

boredomresearch and Dr Paddy Brock (University of Glasgow)
Ellie Land and Dr Peter Oliver (University of Oxford)
genetic moo and Dr Neil Dufton (Imperial College London)
Samantha Moore and Dr Serge Mostowy (Imperial College London)
Eric Schockmel and Dr Megan MacLeod (University of Glasgow)
Charlie Tweed and Dr Darren Logan (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute)

Together the Silent Signal commissions explore how our immune system functions, how disease is spread and how our genetic code can be manipulated. These creative responses to cutting edge research will challenge us to reflect on what the future applications and impact of the research might be for us all – where medical advancements could boost our response to infection, exploit our genetic code to treat health and behavioural problems, or predict how medicinal interventions could save large populations from fatal diseases.

Silent Signal has been developed with support from the Wellcome Trust that enabled us to connect the artists and scientists through workshop sessions and to facilitate the development of the commissions. At you can encounter a wealth of background material generated during the R&D period, along with commissioned articles by Heather Barnett and Dr Kathryn Harkup. As the project develops the site will continue to be updated with information about the projects, interviews with the collaborators, articles and educational resources

Silent Signal is produced by Animate Projects with support from the Wellcome Trust.

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